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Shanghai Lane House-Xinhua Road

Last Updated: 2017-10-09 15:02:00
Xinhua Road is an upper-class residential district located just outside the French Concession in western Shanghai, known formerly as Amherst Avenue. Today, although modernity has encroached on the area, its landmark status has protected the buildings designed in a hodgepodge of styles. Walking down the street, you can see many beautiful lane houses and European style houses— such as English style, German-style, Spanish-style, etc.

Xinhua Road has undergone several name changes, from Amherst Avenue to Chahar Road and Fahua Road in the 1940s and finally the present Xinhua Road. It stretches more than 2000 yards between Huaihai W Road to Zhongshan Road, it remains largely a residential area.

Transportation: The nearest Metro stop is Jiaotong University station on line 10, leave the station by exit No.4 which comes out on Huaihai W Road.

Amusement: The Shanghai Film Art Center is right on Xinhua rd by Fanyu road, is home to the annual Shanghai International Film Festival.

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