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Shanghai villas and houses in Gaolan Road

Last Updated: 2017-11-28 12:27:00
Gaolan Road

Gaolan Road (Rue Corneille) is a charming small street in the Former French Coencession , over-arched by platane trees. The street is occupied on both sides by old houses and villas built in the 1920s.

The House No.28 was nicely renovated in 2005 as a Mandarin school. House No.24 is Shanghai Security Service Company. The house is a rare hidden treasures: a charming, small but still original villa with roof supports of turquoise iron in an elaborate Art Nouveau design.

House No.25 is a short and tranquil lane of housing in the Art-deco style with sharply-angled bay windows and the remarkably well-preserved and still stylish wooden doors.

House No.23 is the most magnificent restoration both inside and out. It has a small garden and a bit of a wall mural that hint at the charm and beauty just beyond.

House No.11 is the best state-owned Kindergarten in Shanghai . The very attractive facility is open to both Chinese and foreign children.

A number of Chinese notables also lived in this exclusive neighbourhood. Once was the philosopher Feng Youlan (1890-1990), who studied philosophy at Columbia University in the USA. He returned to Shanghai in 1925 to a long career of teaching and writing. It was here that he completed his most influential work, a history of philosophy.

However, the streets most famous resident, was the former mayor of Shanghai, Yu Qiaqing. This banker, broker and politician was so powerful that he once had a major street named after him: Yu Ya-ching road (now the Xizang road). He lived in the largest villa on the street-villa No.17.

One of the best-known building on Gaolan road is the St.Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral at Gaolane Road No.16 which completed in 1934 and was modified to hold services for Expo orthodox visitors during Shanghai Expo in 2010.

House No 14,12,10 are a matched pair of stunning Art Deco villas and behind them a broader apartment block in the same style. When viewed from directly in front, the three form a simple, harmonious trio, the art deco roof ornamentation in the rear balanced on both sides by the rather stark, unornamented pair of the front. Their vivid contrast to the last villa on the street, No.36 on the corner behind the rows of street-cleaners cart, is typical of what you find on many city street: a mélange if styles that make Shanghai so endlessly fascinating to the architecture buff.

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