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Shanghai Apartments-Liangyou Apartments( Corner Apartments)

Last Updated: 2017-11-10 11:00:00
Liangyou apartments

Liangyou Apartments: The art deco apartment building that sits on the corner of Fuxing W Road and Yongfu Road is Liangyou Apartments (also named Corner Apartments), built in 1937, The white trim around the windows and the variety of designs around them are heavily influenced by the art deco style. The building is listed among Shanghai's Excellent Contemporary Architecture and protected by the Shanghai Municipal Architecture Protection Agency. There are six floors in Liangyou apartments. Each floor has 4 apartment units. The building has no elevator,  only stairs. If you walk to the top floor and look down from the stairs, you can see the stairs looks like a diamond, therefore, the Liangyou apartments is well-known by its diamond-shaped stair. You can check the following pictures:

Liangyou apartments-diamond shaped stairs

The large corner apartment building, one of several on the Fuxing W Road, has entrances on both wings. In a general upgrade of this increasingly gentrified avenue, the building was recently given a new coat of paint. Except for the usual unsightly air-conditioning units, the façade retains its stylish vertical focus supplemented with bands of contrasting colors.
Neighborhood: the building is situated in one of the most peaceful areas in Shanghai, the west part of former French Concession. Yongfu road is a small but beautiful street. The German Consulate and the former British Consulate is on Yongfu road. Also there is a Michelin Restaurant and some bars, small shops in the neighborhood.

Recently we have an apartment unit available in Liangyou apartments. The unit is on the 4th floor, a two bedrooms, and 2bathrooms. The apartment has been remodeled to meet tenant’s requirements. It features hard wood floor and high ceiling, for more information you can visit the following 2 bedroom Liangyou apartment


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