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The best area to live in Shanghai- French Concession

Last Updated: 2018-02-03 11:02:00
Yueyang Rd Lane house

When it comes to Shanghai Lane house, most people would think of beautiful historical houses built in 1920s situated in three lined street in the former French Concession. Yes, former French Concession, one of the most desirable areas in Shanghai. So in this article, I would like to talk a bit of the former French Concession.

The former French Concession, established in the 1840s, lay south of the major British-dominated business district that would in 1863 become the international settlement. Bound on the east by the Huangpu River- it curved around the walled Chinese city and gradually crept westward over the years, In 1914 it expanded to its final border in the far western suburs, ultimately to become the Avenue Haig.

World War I brought a wave of manufacturing-based prosperity to Shanghai and along with it more than a decade of a building boom to house its ever-growing population: lane housing and stylish apartment houses and villas. This peaked out at the beginning of the 1930s-and only really resumed some sixty years later.

Today, amidst rampant destruction, in the former French Concession more of these old lanes and villas remain still intake than in any part of the city.

The area of former French Concession is North to Yanan Rd, South to Zhaojiabang rd, east to South Chongqing rd and west to Huashan rd.

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