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Shanghai Apartments-the Empire Mansions.

Last Updated: 2017-11-13 11:22:00
the Empire Mansions

The Empire Mansions is situated at the corner of Huaihai M rd and Changshu rd in the former French Concession area. Built in 1934, covers an area of 6340sqm, it is a reinforced concrete structure, a modern style with elevator. The building is listed among Shanghai's Excellent Contemporary Architecture and protected by the Shanghai Municipal government.

This massive apartment block stretches for half a block facing a busy intersection in Shanghais fashionable (once and still) west end. Gone are three tennis courts of the inner courtyard and the balconies and garages, now incorporated into living area. Two more floors have been added to the original four, increasing the tenant density but a luxury apartment at the top.

Many apartments in the building are a two bedroom units, some flats on each floors are studios. The flats are all floor-through, made possible by a long enclosed corridor along the entire length of the rear of the building. There are two elevators in the building.

The Empire Mansions is also considered as the birthplace of Shanghai luxury goods after the reform and opening-up cause the Masion Mode was there from 1994 to 2007. Now the store has been changed to ICBC.

There have beem some apartmet units available for lease for Shanghai expats, such as the following 2br Apartment in Empire Mansions

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