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How to prevent mold in your apartment during Shanghai plum rain season

Last Updated: 2018-06-26 10:11:00
The “Mold friendly “ season, known as Huang Mei Tian (Plum Rain Season) comes in Shanghai every year from the mid or end of June to the beginning or mid of July. It usually lasts for two to three weeks. It can be very humid during this two or three week. In order to prevent mold in your apartment home- especially for those who live on the ground floor , Lane House Shanghai would like to advise you that pay attention to your home and do some pre-action to avoid the potential mold to the clothes,  floors or furniture caused by the humidity.

-Please open up the window from time to time when air quality is good.

- The mold always grows in a wet environment. And the walls, window frames and corners can be easily wet due to the huge temperature difference between inside and outside.

-Please dry those areas from time to time and keep it dry all the time. You can try a dehumidifier.

We wish you get through this season smoothly.

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