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How to tell the size of a lane house in Shanghai

Last Updated: 2017-11-28 11:37:00

We often get a question from expat clients after we show them some lane houses: why the place looks smaller than it is advertised?

Well, that is probably true. The reason I would say is the Chinese landlords have a different standard from the Western clients regarding the size. Every apartment has the size listed on the Property certificate (deed), but not for the lane house. The size listed on the lane house is not that clear or accurate. The landlord would just estimate by themselves. And they always make it bigger than it is.

Next time if you come to see a lane house and you see it on internet that the size is 80sqm big, it is likely that the place you will see is 70sqm big.

By the way from my opinion it does not matter that much because to see is to believe, you will eventually see the place by yourself and see if the size is enough for you, right?

Lane House Shanghai is an  experienced agency specializing in the rent of lane houses, apartments in the former French Concession, Jingan and Xintiandi areas of Shanghai. 

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